Paediatric Osteopathy &
 Postgraduate Education 

London Centre for Paediatric Osteopathy (LCPO) specialises in the care of babies, children, teenagers and the mother-to-be in order to support their health and development.  


London Centre for Paediatric Osteopathy (LCPO) is a centre of excellence in specialised osteopathic care for babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and pregnant women.

The LCPO offers postgraduate training in paediatric osteopathy for qualified and GOsC registered Osteopaths. A wide range of paediatric and obstetric clinical presentations are seen under the 

supervision of senior consultants and teachers in Osteopathy. The LCPO works closely with medical practitioners, including paediatricians and general practitioners (GPs).  


Treatment Sessions

Initial case history and examination will be performed by a LCPO trainee practitioner, who is a qualified osteopath enrolled in the postgraduate training. 

Consultants and medical practitioners will supervise the session. 

​The open-plan-working environment enables practitioners to bring information together efficiently, define treatment management based on diversified experience and offer patients a collected and integrated view of their clinical presentation.

Reduced osteopathic fees of £35 are applied per session. 

Anyone is invited to book or enquire regardless of the ability to pay. Any donations will be highly appreciated.

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