Approach to health 

Osteopathy is a preventive form of medicine.

The osteopathic approach provides tools to access and treat body tensions, strains or unresolved stresses as an integral part of the health system for children (in the same way that every so often children need medical check ups). 


Our approach views health as the result of interaction between the physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual and bioenergetic fields. 

Osteopathy offers a tailored approach to children to help them develop healthy and balanced interactions between those fields.  



The team includes trainee osteopaths who are undertaking a year long certificate in paediatric osteopathy (trainee practitioners), senior consultants, Scaravelli trained yoga teacher and co-founder of the Active Birth method and paediatrician.

What happens during a session

Initial consultations begin with a comprehensive case history that will be carried out by a LCPO trainee practitioner.

A discussion with supervisors enables the trainee practitioner to define a plan of examination and treatment if considered to be suitable.  

Initial consultations last up to an hour.

Follow up sessions last up to 30 minutes and include initial discussion with patients, reassessment and subsequent treatment.